2017 Financial Report English

A.D. 2017


Dear  Parishioners,

Year 2017 was filled with many great events. This year our Shrine of the Divine Mercy celebrated the 10th anniversary. Archbishop Emilius Goulet dedicated that Shrine in 2007.
Our 10th anniversary took place on Friday, April 21 with the Devotion to the Divine Mercy, Holy Mass and Living Rosary in many languages by the Marian Grotto.
       On Saturday morning, April 22 with Mass and Anointing of the sick. Then in the afternoon  Devotion to the Divine Mercy; Mass celebrated by Bishop Anthony Krotki, OMI and at 7:00 p.m. Gala Concert.
      On Sunday, April 23, main celebration  with Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Devotion to the Divine Mercy and the Holy Mass with main celebrant, Archbishop Albert LeGatt together with Archbishop Lawrence Huculak (Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg) and Bishop Anthony Krotki, OMI (Churchill and Bale d’Hudson). It was successful event.

      Church property improvement: New Asphalt parking lot $ 25,393.20; installation cameras – parts $ 1,016.93 – labor free – Thanks to Mr. Mateusz Szymanski. Contempra signs - $ 485.90; AFM – Furnace   maintenance - $ 464.84;  ABC Fire & Safety Eq. - $ 341.30; snow removal (Rakowski) - $ 3,465.56; School & Municipal taxes - $ 1,298.19; church  Property & Liability Insurance - $ 5,547.78.

       Charity: Philippines - $ 4,347.00   Poland - $ 14,786.00.  With the end of 2017 we discontinue  our Charity programs. Thank s to all who supported  charity programs in our Parish.

Our annual (Divine Mercy Shrine) second collection - $ 20,125.20

       I wish to thank you all who financially supported our parish in the year 2017.

Fr. Sebastian Gacki, Pastor


Baptism - 8    Marriage - 3  Funeral - 8