2016 Financial Report English


A.D. 2016


Dear  Parishioners,

As we all know, year 2016 was declared by the Holy Father, Pope Francis, as Year of Mercy. In a special way we celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday on  April 3rd and feast of  Saint Faustina, October the 5th.

       During the time of Lent there was offered a Lenten Retreat . Dr. Bryan Thatcher, MD of Tampa , Florida led us through this holy time. The theme of that retreat was: Divine Mercy, Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Eucharist.

        This year we celebrated two joyous events. On Sunday, June 26th  a new ordained priest, Fr. Mathias Gocik , celebrated for us his first Mass . Fr. Mathias was ordained as a priest on Saturday, June 11th, 2016 at the Kosice Cathedral ( Slovakia).

         The other special guest was  Fr. Marian Myzyka, who celebrated   Holy Mass on Sunday, July 31st. Fr. Marian was born and raised in Lviv, today Ukraine and he was ordained as a priest last May at  the Catholic Cathedral in Lviv.

          Church property improvement: parking fence $1,995.00; tree & roots removal $735.00; Asphalt repair to church lot $1,263.15; Contempra signs $678.00; snow removal (Rakowski) $ 2,162.25

Municipal taxes $1,298.19; Property & Liability Insurance $5,391.00.

          Charity: we discontinued our charity in Cuba.  In the year 2016 we donated $ 6,300.00 to Cuba. We are going to continue to support  the Institute for handicapped children in Wierzbice, Poland. This year we sent $16,466.30 for this project.

Our annual (Divine Mercy) second collection was $ 21,528.00.

To all of you who financially supported our parish I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart.


Fr. Sebastian  Gacki, Pastor




Baptism – 11; Marriage – 1;  Funerals – 4.