2015 Financial Report English


A.D. 2015
Dear Parishioners,

At the end of each year I would like to give you a general “picture†of our parish life. In 2015 we had a pastoral visitation. Archbishop Albert LeGatt came to see our faith community and shared with us some of his observations. He was satisfied with the results of the audit done in our parish.
Both Events, Divine Mercy Sunday and the Feast of Saint Faustina were well attended.

Our parish is participating in a few charitable projects. In 2015 we financially helped the following:

  • Cuba: $8,205.00
  • Ukraine: $500.00
  • Institute for handicapped children in Poland: $11,797.00
  • Polish Radio Maryja: $500.00
  • Sw. Jakuba Parish in Poland: $500.00

Total charity in 2015: $21,502.00

Church improvement (repair):

  • Resurface the outside platform, ramp & steps: $6,300.00
  • Sump pump/heating: $1,500.64
  • Church bells: $693.82
  • Pews repair: $28,751.88
  • New carpet in the sacristy: $2,205.00
  • Door repair: $235.24

Total repair: $39,686.58

Total second collection for the needs of our church $19,516.06
City tax $2,235.42
School tax $1,036.17
Church insurance $5,476.00

To all of you who financially supported our parish I thank you deeply from my heart.

Fr. Sebastian Gacki, Pastor


Baptism: 11
Confirmation: 10
Marriage: 3
Funerals: 5