2013 Financial Report English


A.D. 2013
Dear Saint Andrew Bobola Parishioners,

The year 2013 marked very important event in our faith community. On Sunday, September 15th we celebrated 60th Anniversary of Saint Andrew Bobola church. Our ancestors exactly in 1953 built and opened new Polish church in the Archdiocese of Saint-Boniface. After the solemn Mass, presided by His Grace Albert LeGatt, there was a special banquet with a delicious meal held at Sokol Hall nearby our church. Special thanks to Pagowski and Jochalkowski families for preparing and serving delicious meal for us. Special thanks to St-Boniface Sokol organization for allowing us the use their Hall for this special occasion. The profit from the Parish Banquet of $2,917.25 were donated to the church. Thanks to Mr. Henry Kuzia for being our Master of ceremony. Thank you those who participated in our Banquet.

This year we have done the following renovation/purchases:

  • Church internal doors - $3,790.00
  • Remote control system for the church - lights - $1,145.17
  • Side entrance to the church basement - west side - $858.36
  • Pipes repair - replacement; thank you Mr. Boguslaw Jacholkowski and Mr. Janusz Pagowski for their efforts of replacing the old pipes - $2,279.52
  • New carpet behind the altar and stairs to the basement; thank you Karolina & Marek Lipski for free labour - $1,251.43
  • Repair water pipeline from the church to city sidewalk & landscaping the area - $9,082.50
  • Yard work - removed some of the trees - $1,270.00
  • New signs on both parking lots - $226.77
  • Furniture for the parish office - $2,343.69
  • New land-mower - $365.72
  • Church insurance - $5,335.00
  • Pews repair/fasten ( Ronika) - $1,935.00
  • AFM Plumbing - repair - $1,590.48
  • Kitchen renovation - $4,551.68

This year our church was enhanced with new stained glass windows of: Blessed Pope John Paul II ($14,112.00); Saint Jospeh ($11,760.00); Christ the King ($13,104.00);
We purchased new Nativity statues ($3,860.00) - thank you our parishioner for donating money to cover the cost of Christmas Nativity. Lenten retreat master, Fr. Oleg Salamon $3,363.00.

Total repair / purchase: $82,092.88.

Thanks to Mr. Jerzy Ryczko for his effort to repair whatever possible in our church.

We donated money to:

  • The Institute for handicapped in Wierzbice, Poland: $9,240.95
  • Missionary work of Sisters of Charity in Cuba: $3,430.00
  • Catholic Seminary in Lviv, Ukraine: $1,050.00 & orphan $500
  • Philipine (Dev. & Peace): $687.00
  • Sisters in Poland: $2,000.00
  • Sisters of Charity - Winnipeg: $150.00

Total charity: $17,057.95

Our monthly second collection in 2013 was $17,525.75.
Total income: $202,029.86
Total expenses: $227,062.10

Thank you to all those who dedicated themselves and supported financially our Parish.

Jesus, I trust in you,

/ Fr. Sebastian Gacki, Pastor/


Baptism: 12
First Communion: 2
Confirmation: 11
Marriage: 3
Funeral: 11