2012 Financial Report English

A.D. 2012

Dear Saint Andrew Bobola Parishioners,

The year 2012 marked over six years of my ministry here, at St. Andrew Bobola church. So, as I do every year, I will reflect upon the spiritual and financial well being of our faith community.

Our Parish family consists two ethnic groups: Polish and English. Our English group decreases in number due to deaths of some of its members, some moved from our parish.

During the year 2012 there were some renovations / constructions done in our church.

  • Two flat roofs and the church's tower were repaired - $39,379.00.
  • Church's doors - $15,455.00.
  • Mary's grotto - $ 4,000.00.
  • New internal lights - $11,901.11;
  • Church's bells - $1,906.81;
  • Bathroom renovation & installed new pipes - $4,947.00 ;
  • Church painting - $23,834.25;
  • Property & Liability Insurance - $5,070.00.

Some of our parishioners - individuals and groups - donated towards stained-glass windows of Saint Teresa, Saint Anthony, Saint Faustina, Saint Andrew Bobola - total cost $34,160.00

Thank you for these great donations to our church.

During the year we collected money ( once a month ) towards expenses of our church. We collected $22,491.85.
Our annual regular collection was $94,002.47. Total income was $116,493.64.
The total expenses for 2012 were $140,653.17; not included regular church expenses and charities.

Our Parish still supports certain projects to help the poor and the needy.
In the year 2012 we supported the following projects:

  • Cuba - $5,650.00;
  • Institute for the handicapped children in Wierzbice-Poland $5,207.00;
  • The poor in Walbrzych(Poland) $3,300.00;
  • Sisters in Poland $4,000.00;
  • Help to seminarians in Lviv, Ukraine - $450.00;
  • Child sponsor in Ukraine - $500.00;
  • Helped to build the church in Kazakhstan - $1,270.00.
  • Total amount for the Charity $20,377.00.

Thank you for your financial support!
God is the strength of our parish. May God heal in our parish whatever is wounded by sin; may God strengthen whatever is weak. May God keep leading us on into the future - a future that can be filled with love and goodness, if it is filled with Christ.

Jesus, I trust in you,

/ Fr. Sebastian Gacki, Pastor /


Baptism: 6
First Communion: 12
Confirmation: 12
Marriage: 3
Funeral: 6