Divine Mercy

Jesus, I trust in You

Since the very beginning of the Catholic Church a mystery of Divine Mercy has been contemplated by Christian believers. Christ's redemptive mission was nothing but an act of reconciliation of us people with God. The Christians believe that the Church was symbolically born at the moment when Jesus' side was pierced on the cross. Water and blood came out of his heart as a sign of our purification through the baptism and salvation through the precious sacrifice of life.

The beginning of the 20th century was strongly influenced by a low theology of suffering where human sinfulness was highlighted. In day to day devotion people were overcome by their sinfulness and even those following the high standards of religious life feared God's judgement.

Sister Maria Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938) comes to the world with a special mission to mankind to make known God's limitless mercy. She was a simple village girl. After having decided to dedicate her life to God she struggled to find a convent where she would be accepted. In religious life she was humble and dedicated to the work she was assigned to.

Her mission to promote the Divine Mercy begun on February 1931 when she was asked to do it by Jesus Christ. In her vision she saw the Saviour with rays of mercy streaming from His Heart. Later on in a serious of visions she had, Jesus told her about His unlimited and available mercy to everyone, even the hardest sinner. Consequently she was commanded to have an image painted to represent this vision of hers, and to sign it, Jesus, I trust in you!"

Jesus also requested that the Sunday after Easter be officially established in the Church as the Feast of the Divine Mercy.

During her lifetime, Sister Faustina was virtually unknown even to many sisters of her congregation. She died of tuberculosis on October 5th, 1938. She was canonized on April 30th, 2000 by Pope John Paul II in St. Peter's Square in Vatican.

Father Sebastian Gacki, pastor of St. Andrew Bobola in Winnipeg has brought the relics of Saint Faustina to Canada . The church will become a permanent SHRINE OF THE DIVINE MERCY.

This will be the only Shrine in Canada to host the relics of St. Faustina.

The dedication of the Shrine of the Divine mercy will take place on Mercy Sunday, April 15th, 2007 at Saint Andrew Bobola church on 541 Marion St. in Saint Boniface, with His Grace Emilius Goulet, Archbishop of Saint-Boniface officiating.

We welcome wholeheartedly all Christians to attened our service as well as people who wish to learn more about the devotion to Divine Mercy and graces received through it.

For more information contact at 233-4316.