San Antonio church in Cardenas, near
Varadero, before renovation

The charitable group Caritas was established at St. Andrew Bobola in 2008 by Fr. Sebastian Gacki. The word caritas means the love of God for mankind as well as the mutual love of mankind for one another and also for God. As a fruit of this love, caritas also finds expression through action; acts of mercy and of charity. Our group, Caritas, is involved in three specific projects; in Cuba, the Western Ukraine and in Poland. In Cuba we are helping the poor through the work of the Missionary Sisters of Charity (Mother Teresa of Calcutta), as well as directly assisting the local Catholic church. Activities have included the purchase and delivery of medical supplies, religious educational material, Mass supplies and money for the repair of the Sister's church.

The second project is to help the poor people in the Western Ukraine through the work of Sisters of Immaculate Mary, located in Jazlowiec, near Buczacz. We have provided numerous large shipments of clothing over the past several years. Here we also sponsor two children, one of whom is handicapped, on an ongoing basis.

The third project involves support of the poor in Poland, for example in the Polish city of Walbrzych through the work of The Sisters of Immaculate Mary. We also support the Children's Therapeutic Foster Home run by The Sisters of Saint Joseph in Wierzbice, near Wroclaw. We have provided financial support in special circumstances, such as flood relief in 2010.

If you wish to be part of one of these projects through a monetary donation, you can send a cheque payable to St. Andrew Bobola R.C. Church. In the memo please specify which project you wish to support: Cuba, Poland, or the Western Ukraine.
For further information call Fr. Sebastian Gacki at the parish office: 233-4316, or send e-mail to: